Artist Feature: Angela Azmitia

Illustration by Angela Azmitia


Somewhere along the way I lost it. 

I lost some of my pieces. I lost my mind. I’ve been losing things lately it seems.

Sitting here talking to myself

at the bus stop on 35th and Halsted. The bus has come and gone now – two, three, four times

Always the same look on their face, “Coming?”

Illustration by Angela Azmitia


she sat at the breakroom couch that faced the window. she liked this spot. It was quiet and from here she could see the people below her, small. Bundled. They looked like moving dots – ants. she thought on this. Little puddles of black.

she wondered what color her aura would be if she stood against the wall. 

she would have to remove the frame first, but maybe green. she read somewhere that having a green aura meant that you were a loving, kind person. Not that she believed in such things, but everyone could use more kindness. she wanted to be kind – or at least have a little more compassion, like Mother Teresa!

coffee tastes bland. should have added more creamer. 

she studied her fingers; small with wide nails. Not dainty for a woman, though who wants dainty hands she scoffed. Dainty is associated with fragility and reminded her of small birds. 

Hey. I’m going to the place around the corner, you want a anything? 

she wondered if this was a ploy to have her give the money she owed him. 

No, I brought today, thanks.

she wondered if she had said yes and handed him a twenty if he would have kept the change. Or mentioned after the fact that she owed him money and then expect her to tell him to keep the change. No. That’s ridiculous. He’s just a thoughtful person. 

she spent the rest of the afternoon at her desk, picking up a paper from the stack, entering it into the computer, and filing the paper. The job was monotonous. she thought about herself a lot. she thought about what a horrible judgmental person she was for having thought that about him. she made a reminder in her calendar to break a twenty. 

About the Artist

Angela Maria Azmitia (b. 1990, Ft. Lauderdale, FL) received her BFA in Studio Art from the University of South Florida (2013) and a MFA in Printmedia from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2018). She is a recipient of the SAIC Dean’s Scholarship and was nominated for the AICAD Post-Graduate Teaching Fellowship.

Her work takes the form of comics, prints, illustrations, fictitious narratives, poetry, large-scale drawings, and installations. Bringing together thematic non-linear narratives influenced by literature, pop culture, and contemporary media, she draws on personal and prescriptive experiences associated with womanhood to create a universe of characters.

While the majority of her interests are in the arts, she enjoys nature, gardening, watching movies, cooking, sipping coffee, and a good story. You will most likely find her on the computer, reading a graphic novel, or on her way to the nearest coffee shop to do both. 

Learn more about the poet and artist Angela Azmitia on her website.