Paragon Book Gallery is committed to facilitating intercultural understanding through the circulation of knowledge and creativity.

We are a unique liaison between Chinese and American academic and creative communities and believe in the power of books to connect people. Our collection holds both rare and antiquarian books on Asian culture as well as titles on contemporary art and literature. It is our priority to offer a diverse range of books on international art and culture at multiple price points so as to be accessible for all audiences.


Founded in 1942 in Shanghai by Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi persecution, Paragon Book Gallery initially introduced European classics to the Chinese market. In 1948, our founders, Max and Rachel Faerber, moved the bookstore to New York City, stocking their shelves with books on the art and culture that they missed in China and could not find in the United States. Since then, Paragon Book Gallery has prioritized the global circulation of printed material on art, literature, philosophy, history, human geography, and religion, among other genres. Paragon Book Gallery opened its flagship store in Beijing in 2014 and has grown with several locations in China as well as a storefront in Chicago at the Zhou B Art Center.

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